• Our website offers an easy way to order your printing requirements and we will deliver it to you right at your doorstep.
  • Enjoy all the convenience of online printing and ordering but make sure you register within the site first.
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A. For products that requires printing and designing.
  • Step 1. Select your Products Specifications
    • - Here you can set your products size, paper, quantity, finish and other specifications.
select product's specification

  • Step 2. Check and Estimate your Shipping Options
    • - In this step you can choose and estimate your shipping charges based on the location where you want your product to be delivered.
    • - You have the option to change your shipping choice right before checkout.
    • - From this step, you can see your estimated total charges.
choose and estimate your shipping cost

  • Step 3. Choose the manner on how you wish to design your chosen product
    • - In this step you can choose and estimate your shipping charges based on the location where you want your product to be delivered.
    • - We offer the following design options for you.
    • 3.1 Choose from our Designs.
      • - We offer pre-designed ‘Templates’ from which you can choose from.
      • - These templates are free of use. (see our Terms and Conditions for the use of our templates at the Terms and Condition Page)
choose from one of our design templates
    • 3.2 Upload your own.
      • - You have the option to upload your own design or template.
      • - You choose this option if your design is print-ready and needs little to no adjustments.
upload your print ready design from a file
    • 3.3 Create your own.
      • - Start from a blank canvas and design your product as you wish.
      • - You are provided with tools and options to add image, shape, font and color to your product.
create your design from a blank canvas

    • We also offer a quick link to our quotation page if you change your mind and wish to get a quote from us of the product that you want to get.
create quote for more quantity of product

  • Step 4. Make a final review on the product you just designed
    • - You have the option to save the layout you just created and finish it on a later date.
    • - Or you can proceed directly to checkout.
    • - You will be asked to agree with our Terms and Condition before proceeding.
    • - You may read and review our Terms and Conditions at a dedicated page within the website.
product additional information

  • Step 5. Order Details
    • - The checkout page gives you a last look of the products that you are about to order.
    • - This section also shows you the charges and total amount that you need to pay to proceed with the order.
    • - We offer promo codes and you can redeem it at this page before finishing your order.
order details

  • Step 6. Payment / Shipping Details
    • - The payment and shipping page gives you the options to review your payment options.
    • - You also need to finalize your shipping options at this section.
    • - We have separate pages discussing the details of our payment options and shipping options.
    • - You can also leave ‘Special Instructions’ to us for your order. Please read our Terms and Conditions about proofreading and layout.
payment and shipping details

payment method

  • Step 7. Order Confirmation
    • - Congratulations! You just placed an order from us.
    • - This page shows the confirmation of your order at the same time, SDC will send a confirmation message to your email.
order has been received

    • - SDC will contact you via email or mobile phone to track and update the statues of your order particularly for the following.
      • - Payment Confirmation and Update
      • - Proofing Confirmation
      • - Production Status
      • - Shipping Status

B. We also sell retail products or pre-made products in the website. You will be directed to the same steps except that some of our pre-made products are non-customizable in terms of design.