Everyone wants to feel like they’re a special part of the club/group. A high-quality durable Paper VIP card gives your members a sense of exclusivity and importance while offering special benefits associated with your card can help you attract and retain customers.

Our Paper VIP cards can help you find out more about your customers, so you can market to them with personalized offers and messages, for example:

- Free gifts or passes for continued use.

Design it to your liking or choose from our collection of VIP card templates. The freedom is yours.

Our PVC cards come at a standard size of 2.25in. x 3.25in. with options to be printed back to back.

Upload your own design with a variable print option. Personalize each VIP with the name of your VIP clients. Set your own own QR codes or VIP membership number.

Minimum order of thirty (30) per pieces.



Step 1: Select Your Product's Specification

(Min: 30)
Total : ₱ 150.00
Estimated Total : ₱ 150.00