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We are pleased to see your request for a quotation and we are glad to be of service to you.

In order for us to serve you better, here are some reminders.


1.  Please indicate the title of the product or project that you would like us to quote for you. We will assign a quotation number to your individual requests. However, for multiple product requirements, you may also send us an email at ecomm.sweetdynamics@gmail.com  with the subject line  "RFQ: {title of your requests/product}".

2. For us to provide a good quote, we encourage you to review the details of the product you would like us to quote for you and fill out the fields below as complete as possible.

3. Our quotations are valid for a standard of 30 days but may change depending on limitations on supplier price, seasonal demand, and any fluctuations in both environmental and social situations of the country, the community, the company, and our workers. Any changes to our quote's validity, SDC will inform you and the quote's validity will be included in the quotation sent to you.

4.  Not all requests for quotations are the same nor the products you request us to quote for you thus we kindly encourage you to send us the right image (uploaded artwork) and product details. This will provide us a clearer picture of what we will be working on, the production lead time, the payment requirements, among others.

5. If the project requires a significant amount of investment, we may request an initial payment before the work begins. This happens after you approve the quotation we sent to you. Otherwise, our Sales and Customer Service personnel will discuss this with you separately.

6. You will receive a formal email response from SDC indicating the requested quotation with the details of the project, We encourage all our clients to course through all their request for quotation to our official channels via our website at www.sweetdynamics.com.ph/quote_create.php or our email address at ecomm.sweetdynamics@gmail.com.

7. Our Sales and Customer Service personnel may also get in touch with you via email or phone call for any clarifications and concerns on all your request for quotation. 


Thank you and we look forward to serving all your printing requirements soon!


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