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Printing Products

Affordable. Trusted. World-class.

We have innovative and sustainable printing solutions to cater to the needs of our clients. Do you need a reliable partner for your digital, large format, and offset printing needs? Sweet Dynamics Corporation is the most dependable print house in the Philippines, providing high-quality print outputs at reasonable rates to some of the biggest brands in the country since 1999. Check out the quality printing products we offer below. 

What We Do


Paper Cards

As the saying goes, "first impressions last." This small piece of paper in the palm of your hand will help you do just that. Impress your clients through quality yet affordable paper cards from Sweet Dynamics Corporation. 


PVC Cards

Are you in need of corporate IDs? Or would you like to distribute waterproof calling cards? Sweet Dynamics Corporation offers PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Cards which are durable and easily customizable, suitable for ID cards and calling cards. You can also use PVC Cards as loyalty cards for your enterprise. Let SDC print your PVC card designs for you!



Place the message you want to send straight into your prospective customers' hands through the flyers of Sweet Dynamics Corporation. At SDC, we ensure that everyone who gets your flyer will appreciate it not only for its stunning content but also due to its vibrant color and good quality. For flyers with pictures, flyers with QR codes, and flyers for businesses, trust SDC. We can also print your leaflet designs thanks to our state-of-the-art folding machines.



Advertise your business indoors or outdoors through the reusable adhesive vinyl (stickers) from Sweet Dynamics Corporation. Reusable adhesive vinyl or as we commonly say, stickers, offers one remarkable quality that you look for when selecting your company's promotional materials: they are easy to apply. Moreover, the stickers of SDC are certified as durable, long-lasting, and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions in the Philippines. Send your sticker designs and let SDC print your stickers for you!



Photos, portraits, and designs printed on acrylic sheets are stylish, modern-looking, and vibrant. The new Mac computers used by the skilled graphic artists of Sweet Dynamics Corporation and the reliable machines manned by its efficient operators ensure that the acrylic-printed outputs of clients are guaranteed to be of high-resolution and good quality. If you want a more affordable and durable alternative to glass prints, try the acrylic printing offer from SDC.



Sweet Dynamics Corporation produces and prints on boxes for food, medicines, clothes, cosmetics, and other commercial products. Boxes are versatile, recyclable, and environmentally friendly packages that are both durable and affordable. Place your brand on this reliable packaging option through the timely and efficient print service of SDC. SDC can also help your business by providing logo creation and die-cutting services.



Showcase your memories every day through the magnificent printed Canvas Fabrics of Sweet Dynamics Corporation. SDC provides the best prints for Canvas Fabric in the Philippines, perfect for your favorite photos, family portraits, or carefully-curated collages. Level up your interior design by adding vibrant Canvas Fabric wall art now!



Concerts, album releases, mall shows, conferences, and film screenings all need good posters for them to be in vogue in the Philippines.


Make sure to get the word out by releasing posters filled with beautiful colors and texts. Sweet Dynamics Corporation specializes in printing posters of good quality for an affordable price that will make sure that your event becomes trendy and successful.


Sintra Board

Sintra is the brand name of premium PVC (polyvinyl chloride) boards. If you want your signages or standees made in a durable material that can withstand unfavorable weather conditions and scratches from wear and tear, try availing of the printing services of Sweet Dynamics Corporation on Sintra boards. You can customize the thickness or type of finish of these Sintra board printing outputs from SDC. Learn more about the various customizations we offer by getting a free quote!



Do you prefer the Jolina notebooks or the Dyesebel ones? Notebooks have the power to stick in people's minds due to their utility and size. From product freebies to corporate giveaways, notebooks can present your brand to a target audience and be marketable in themselves. 


Sell notebooks to school children returning to face-to-face classes or give notebooks to your corporate representatives by availing of the printing services of Sweet Dynamics Corporation. Know how we process this product from start to finish and the different types of binding we offer by contacting us for a free quotation.


Paper Bag

Fashionable shoppers love nothing more than posting on IG with a bunch of paper bags from the brands they love. Let your brand stand out while being part of the green revolution through quality paper bags produced and printed by Sweet Dynamics Corporation.

From making sure that the colors are accurate, to pasting its edges and even up to the addition of handles, SDC is a one-stop shop that will oversee the entire production of your paper bags. Affordable, quick, and reliable paper bag production only at SDC; send your paper bag designs now!



Sweet Dynamics Corporation has been providing the best calendar print outputs to a wide array of clients. Whether it be pocket calendars, desk calendars, or wall calendars, SDC has proven its excellence by providing its print service to some of the largest corporations in the Philippines. From simple paper calendars to the highly-anticipated wall calendars of alcoholic brands, you can rest assured that SDC can deliver all your calendar needs on time. SDC can also provide different kinds of finishes on your calendars and facilitate their binding. Find out more about our calendar printing services by getting in touch!



Despite the prominence of email and other digital messaging platforms, traditional envelopes continue to exist due to their unique qualities. Physical envelopes are more sentimental and have more room for traditional art and designs. Show how much you care for your clients by sending them old-fashioned envelopes decorated with your unique brand designs. Send the details you want to see on your envelopes and let us do the rest!


Menu Board

A good menu book will entice customers to order more, while poorly printed menu boards will be a turn-off. Sweet Dynamics Corporation, which also runs a coffee shop in Valenzuela, knows how to print detailed and aesthetic menu books that will improve the ambiance of your restaurant and encourage more customers to dine. Make sure that your menu books have high-resolution and vibrant colors by availing of the menu board printing service of SDC.  


Box and Small

One of Sweet Dynamics Corporation's best traits is the diversity of its products and services. Unlike other print shops in the country, SDC can accommodate orders of different sizes and materials. SDC can also print on small boxes, usually used as cases for stationery items. Regardless of the size of the box, SDC will be able to print your beautiful designs on it.

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