X-Stand Banners are cheap and versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Changing the printed banner panel is quick, cheap, and easy, making it simple to refresh at a low cost.

Our X-Stand Banner frame is comprised of 4 poles that are held together via a central hub. When the stand is assembled, the graphic is attached by hooking the metal eyelets which are located in each corner of the print over the nodes on the X-Stand banner frame.

Our X-Stand Banner is supplied with:
  • Full color, a custom-printed graphic panel in high resolution on sturdy Tarpaulin banner material
  • Tarpaulin thickness options come in 10oz and 13oz
  • Available in 2ft x 5ft / 2ft x 6ft / 3ft x 6ft / 3ft x 6.5ft tall
  • A Carry bag

The minimum order is one (1) piece.


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Total : ₱ 1,118.00
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