Thanks to their flexibility and a large range of different sizes, tarpaulins can be used in many ways for a range of advertising goals.

For events, they are frequently used to advertise the event in advance, as well as to decorate indoor areas and help customers find their way around. We recommend eyelets at all four corners or every 50 cm if you are using the advertising banners on buildings, bridges, or railings.

Tarpaulins can be printed easily and in the highest quality, and are a premium and extremely durable.

The benefits are clear to see, Tarpaulins are
  • durable and strong
  • easy to clean
  • weatherproof
  • can be transported and installed easily

The minimum order is one (1) piece while the minimum order size is 12in. x 12in.


Step 1: Select Your Product's Specification

Total : ₱ 100.80
Estimated Total : ₱ 100.80

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