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The Advantages of Paper Food Packaging

Disposable and Biodegradable Food Packs as the Most Environmentally-Friendly Option for Serving Meals

There have been numerous calls worldwide for a total ban on single-use products. Whether it's plastic or paper, several activist groups argue that any disposable material harms the environment. But are these calls reasonable? This article will prove that paper food packaging is the most ethical and environmentally-friendly food packaging solution.

Paper food packaging products with different meals (fruits and salads).
Paper food packaging products from SDC with different meals.

All food packaging items, regardless of their materials (plastic or paper), are usually single-use. Fortunately, studies have shown that paper food packaging can be used without causing too much harm to the environment. They have also proved that these products are better than plastics in several aspects including:

  1. Paper Food Packaging is Sustainable Paper packaging products are made from renewable sources. They are also manufactured using environmentally-friendly processes. Unlike several manufacturers of plastic products, paper packaging manufacturers source their products from controlled environments. Most paper packaging companies, such as Sweet Dynamics Corporation, ensure that their materials come from monitored and well-maintained forests. Using recycled materials is also a common trend in the paper packaging manufacturing industry, another factor that contributes to its sustainability.

  2. Paper Food Packaging is Compostable Recycled paper and wood pulp are natural materials used in creating high-quality paper food packaging materials. Unlike the petroleum (specifically its chemical propylene) source of plastic packaging, these naturally occurring materials are easy to break down. Thus, paper packaging products, in general, are compostable. They can decompose entirely in mere months, as opposed to plastic materials, which will only break down after hundreds of years. The long decomposing cycle of plastics contributes to overcrowding in landfills and the poisoning of rivers –societal problems that can significantly be reduced through the widespread utilization of paper food packaging.

  3. Paper Food Packaging Improves Public Health Paper food packaging products are guaranteed to not contain bisphenol A (BPA), a dangerous chemical present in some plastic items. Plastic packaging products may also discharge toxic substances into drinks or food items. For guaranteed safety, paper packaging is a must for food sellers.

  4. Paper Food Packaging is Recyclable You might say: “Wait isn’t plastic easier to recycle? They are more durable, so that should be the case!” Although plastic items tend to be sturdier than most paper-based products, they are more challenging to recycle due to their varied types. Coming from different sources and forms, it is more challenging to find a suitable recycled product these items can be turned into. Moreover, there are scarce recycling plants to process the countless plastic waste generated –another factor why single-use plastic packaging products are more hazardous than paper food packs from an environmental standpoint.

“But your arguments mostly refer to single-use products. Surely washing and reusing plastic wares for serving food is more beneficial to the environment. Besides, that practice does not involve the cutting of trees!”

Some countries, like France, have shifted to the mandatory use of washable plastic containers and cutleries in their efforts toward sustainability and environmental protection. But that does not make the said practice the most sustainable option. According to a study conducted by the European Paper Packaging Alliance or EPPA (EPPA, 2023, as cited by Abboud, 2023), utilizing paper-based and single-use systems, such as paper food packaging, consumes 3.4 times less water than washable containers, spoons, and forks. Moreover, paper food packaging products generate 2.8 times fewer carbon emissions than the process of washing and reusing plastic wares does, making it more beneficial to the environment.

An arm holding an open hotdog box with a hotdog sandwich inside.
A Foldcote Hotdog Box from SDC.

Now that you are aware of the several benefits of paper food packaging, you may be wondering: Where can I get high-quality paper food packaging? If you are residing in the Philippines, Sweet Dynamics Corporation (SDC) is a leading supplier of paper food packaging materials from Valenzuela, Metro Manila. From Hamburger Boxes to Food Trays, Hotdog Boxes, and Rice Boxes, Sweet Dynamics Corporation offers a variety of packaging products of different forms and materials. Choose the packaging item that will suit your unique business needs by ordering through the following online stores:

SDC Shopee Store

SDC Lazada Store


Abboud, L. (2023, February 19). Macron versus McDonald’s: how France ditched disposable food packaging. Financial Times.


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