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  • Spoon, Fork & Table Napkin
  • Spoon, Fork & Table Napkin

Spoon, Fork & Table Napkin

Spoon, fork, and table napkin, all in one set! Sweet Dynamics Corporation is your one-stop shop for your food packaging needs. Why bother ordering your consumables from other stores if you can get a set complete with cutlery and table napkins from us instead? Save more by buying our plastic spoons and forks paired with our quality table napkins.

  • The spoon, fork, and table napkin set combines the high-quality paper towels of SDC with its durable disposable cutlery. The utensils and the tissue come in standard industry sizes for your and your customers’ convenience. This package makes the affordable products of Sweet Dynamics Corporation even cheaper.

    Each set of the spoon, fork, and table napkin package from Sweet Dynamics Corporation contains one spoon, one fork, and five pieces of two-ply table napkins. Every order has 50 sets.


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