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  • Jumbo Burger Box
  • Jumbo Burger Box

Jumbo Burger Box

Quarter-pounder goodness. From the first bite, everything is delicious! Your big burgers need big boxes as well; jumpstart the growth of your burger business by selling jumbo burgers packed in jumbo burger boxes from Sweet Dynamics Corporation. Big in size but low priced, only at SDC.

  • Jumbo burger boxes from Sweet Dynamics Corporation have durable lids with reliable locks, preventing spillage and ensuring that your large burger products remain intact. These burger boxes are also ideal for reheating as they are microwaveable for up to two minutes. 

    The environmentally friendly jumbo burger box from SDC comes in two paper types:

    Kraft # 18 (Brown Paper) – Greaseproof packaging with premium thickness.

    Carrier # 12 (White Out & Brown In) – Packaging with a regular thickness, similar in quality to that of the packaging products of Jollibee, but without the lamination.

  • L: 4.00” H: 2.25” D: 4.25


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