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  • Pastry/Chicken Box
  • Pastry/Chicken Box

Pastry/Chicken Box

An affordable packaging option for your chicken or pastry business! The collapsible and handy pastry and chicken boxes from Sweet Dynamics Corporation come in two paper variants (Kraft #18 and Carrier #12). These boxes are also suitable for pork belly products and other gift items. They also have sturdy handles for your and your customers’ convenience.

  • The recyclable pastry and chicken box of Sweet Dynamics Corporation does not have any glue or adhesives and thus can easily be stored and assembled.

    This environmentally friendly pastry and chicken box comes in two paper types: 

    Kraft #18 (Brown Paper) – Greaseproof packaging with premium thickness.

    Carrier #12 (White Out & Brown In) – Packaging with a regular thickness, similar in quality to that of the packaging products of Jollibee, but without the lamination.

  • L: 8.00” W: 6.00” H: 4.00”


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