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  • Resealable Pouch

Resealable Pouch

From coffee beans to peanuts, from dried fruits to beans, the sky's the limit for the products that the resealable pouches of Sweet Dynamics Corporation can cater to. Keep the best inside and keep their fresh quality longer with the resealable pouches from SDC. SDC also offers custom design and logo placement in our resealable pouches. Make your containers unique through the labeling service of SDC Packaging!

  • The resealable pouch from Sweet Dynamics Corporation comes in three sizes (small, medium, and large) to suit your packaging needs. It has a transparent window for customers to easily see your products, and a resealable zipper for convenience. Although it is made of kraft paper, it has a plastic lining inside for durability.

    It can store all kinds of nuts, dried delicacies, candies, cookies, tea bags, grain products, snacks, beans, spices, herbs, medicines, chocolates, and other small items.

    Additionally, it can maintain a packed product's freshness, extending its shelf life.

  • Small: L: 5.50” W: 8.00”

    Medium: L: 7:00” W: 10.00”

    Large: L: 8.00” W: 12.00”


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