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  • Stickers


Advertise your business indoors or outdoors through the reusable adhesive vinyl (stickers) from Sweet Dynamics Corporation. Reusable adhesive vinyl or as we commonly say, stickers, offers one remarkable quality that you look for when selecting your company's promotional materials: they are easy to apply. Moreover, the stickers of SDC are certified as durablelong-lasting, and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions in the Philippines. Send your sticker designs and let SDC print your stickers for you!

  • Stickers are sheets made of paper or plastic; one layer has a creative design, while its back is covered with adhesive.

    The adhesive layer is covered with peelable paper that will be removed when used. 

    Printing stickers allows your brand to be seen in different places as they can be applied to varying items such as laptops, flasks, notebooks, and even vehicles.  



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